Thee Urban Rover (NSFW)
Thee Urban Rover (NSFW)
formerly nousInsyder

"STILL A more Eloquently Crude Extension of My Nous"
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    Before It’s Gone // Take It Back is launching ! Submit your videos, photos and artwork celebrating Brooklyn life today to: or Contact us at: or call /text (646)820-6039 BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification is a Brooklyn-wide project of Equality for Flatbush : E4F
    TO Help us Build our Website and Sustain this project PLEASE DONATE:

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    can I have a healing circle for bw women? can we just be great &just lock ourselves in a mansion w/ fresh tea, & yoni baths, massages, &CRY& be able to dance w/ wild abandon w/o judgement or gaze & sit be still in silence & just write & sleep til we done sleeping & lay out watching movies& good ass food. & lay out in the sun naked for a weekend…..#LeSigh

    that’s what I want, thats what I NEED


    Red Palm Oil, also known as huile rouge in French and dendê in Portuguese, comes from the palm fruit shown in this photo.  The bright orange oil is a staple in many West African dishes and adds unique color and flavor to food.  Recently, this tasty tropical oil has come under criticism for being high in saturated fat.  However, it is also 300 times richer in certain potent anti-oxidants than tomatoes and scientists are now studying its potential role in ameliorating the effects of heart attacks.


    I am working on a series of short Documentary series about Black Identity within the Dominican Community. This is the first the series. 

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    i had a dream i fucked brittney griner….

    that’s so random & redundant because:

    1. although she’s beautiful & I appreciate the aesthetic … but…I’m not sexually attracted to masculine of center women
    2. I dont watch sports

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